Admit it. At one point or another you wanted to be a rock star. We still do. Problem is, not everyone turned out to be Jagger, Bono, Hetfield or Bowie because life took on a different turn. That’s kinda my story.

My name is Fidel, ultra-busy dad of 4. Back in my hometown of Manila, I did a lot of live performance, particularly theater acting. When I was much younger I was a metal head. Practicing these 2 things have always come and gone in various waves. But one could always say they were my passion. But like a lot of growing up stories, they took a back seat especially after moving to Canada and becoming a dad.  I did, however, become fortunate enough to work in a place where live music performance is actually part of my job description.

At 13 and proud of my one metal shirt and dog tag.

Yours truly, circa 1994

JFDG 2014 -¬ RizHDG-3 small web

Yep. Still me. 2014. With my boys. Photo by mommy; Riz Herbosa DG.

Here’s a low quality video of my early days…

After a few years I became a supervisor for these guys. I realized I had gained quite a bit of knowledge on how to put bands together. Sure, they’re not necessarily of the metal kind, but bands nonetheless.  But because I had been so busy working and raising a family, I haven’t had time to do gigs outside of my 1900’s themed day job. I felt rusty and frustrated.

As if life wasn’t busy enough, I moonlighted for 2 solid years with a newspaper delivery job 7 days a week. My days would start at 3 a.m. before getting to my actual job. To keep me sane, I started listening to podcasts, everything from dumb-ass comedies to motivational shows. They probably saved my life.

Back to my day job, I met Andre and Mike who’ve done their share of gigs both at our place of work and outside. For the most part, I lived vicariously from their adventures and picked their brain about performance. And then, it clicked. What if… we had a podcast that talked about issues that beginning musicians usually deal with? All sorts of issues. From how to practice efficiently, to how to start networking. They’re basically questions I personally ask because I do want to get back in this game.

(BTW, here’s proof how good these guys are even in theme and costume…)

Together, we’ve come up with a few interesting conversations that usually end in thoughts about how we wish we knew stuff when we were starting out. So we figured, “why don’t we do that for others?”

So here we are, over 15 episodes in. We’ve come a long way from episode 1. It was a shitty episode. I hate hearing myself. But you know what, it doesn’t matter. It was all part of the process. I took the first step.

That’s exactly what we want to do with you.  Just because your starting out, raising a family, or  you feel it’s too late in life doesn’t mean you can’t go out and play. As a matter of fact, we think you should. Thing is. you probably still have a lot of questions like me. That’s why we’re here.

Every week, we crank out episodes that talk about things you need to know before heading out there and playing your stuff for others. We believe you deserve to experience playing awesome shows. Your audience deserves a good show. Life’s too short. We’ll get you going from garage to gigs. Tune in every week and share your own rock star story. This is our show.

Fidel De Guzman workin' overtime for the podcast

Garage Rock Star Podcast recording special episode w Joseph Peloquin-Hopfner




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