Andre PH

Andre Peloquin-Hopfner

Andre PH
Photo credit: Riz Herbosa DG

André holds the title of the tallest Franco-Manitoban metal screamer in recorded history, and has recently moved to new territory out in British Columbia. Multi-instrumentalist, writer, philosopher, and new father, André is sinking his creative roots in his new home city of Vancouver. Lucky to play music and interpret Canadian history for a living, he is also writing sci-fi scripts and stories, writing and recording his own music, and generally doing his best to get everything he can out of this life while also giving back to the world.

Andre Peloquin-Hopfner

Photo credit: Riz Herbosa DG

Born from a long line of musicians in Manitoba, André was trained on the piano from the age of 5, picked up the bass at 11, and taught himself guitar starting at the age of 12. A few high school bands came and went until he started a metal group with his brothers and best friends, Entre Parenthèses (EP), which took them touring through Western and Northern Canada for several years before they recorded their album in 2010. He also toured with Winnipeg post-rock instrumental group, Amuse, when their guitar player left the group.

After the members of EP decided to go their separate ways, André got married to his best friend, visual artist Laura Lee, and together they took a year to honeymoon throughout India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, and Australia.

His aspirations for the future are to publish his stories online, compose and record as much music as possible, and continue to play live shows, all while sharing the wonders of the cosmos with his wife and son. Together, they plan on building a sustainable house and running a small permaculture farm. All in all, wherever opportunity goes, André will follow. Who knows what’s next?


Check out Andre’s and Laura Lee’s stuff here:


Free Entre Parenthèses album download :

Laura Lee’s art page :



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