GRSP Ep 020 – Stage Presence and Showmanship

Garage Rock Star Podcast Episode 020 Stage Presence and Showmanship featuring Iron Man outfit playing a Schecter Omen

How do you define good showmanship? Does it require an over the top costume? What about nerves? Do you find yourself nervous before going on stage? Not sure how to put on a “show”? Or even what kind of “show”? We discuss all this with Mike who’s back from touring and student extraordinaire Trevor Bernard Sinnott.


GRSP Ep 19 – To Read Or Not To Read Musical Notation

The Garage Rock Star Podcast Ep 019 To Read or Not To Read Musical Notation

Are you musically literate? Should you learn?

Do you read musical notation? I never really became good at it mostly because I’ve never really had the opportunity to sharpen my skills. But I guess if I want to get real serious about playing, it might benefit me more than I think. Hear what Andre and Trevor have to say about the whole thing.


Thanks again to Riz Herbosa DG for the picture!

GRSP Ep 18 – Music Snobbery

Garage Rock Star Podcast Episode 018 - Music Snobbery. Photo by Riz Herbosa DG. Snob jazz fans versus metal head

Photo by Riz Herbosa DG

Do you hate on certain kinds of music? Admit it, we’ve all done it one way ore another. I personally learned to let go of this habit not too long ago and decided to quit bashing music I don’t necessarily like. Tune in and see what the boys think.

This episode features Andre and myself. Filling in again for a busy Mike is Cap U Jazz Program student Trevor Bernard.

GRSP Ep 14 – Starting out? Screw “perfection” and have fun! (part 2 w/ JPH)

Garage Rock Star Podcast recording of episode 14 part 2 interview with Joseph Peloquin-Hopfner


Here’s part 2 of our interview with Joseph Peloquin – Hopfner from Manitoba. We dig into how they started and as young, eager musicians. He defines what he thought was “perfection” in his music and how now he may see it it a bit differently. Make sure to check out all the links from all the groups he’s been involved with. Yup, he knows his shit, alright.

We also got a double serving of Don’t Be That Guy to make up for last week.

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