Fidel J De Guzman

Fidel J De Guzman

Fidel De Guzman - Podcaster, blogger, live performance coach, and dad. Photo by Riz Herbosa DG

Fidel De Guzman – Podcaster, blogger, live performance coach, and dad. Photo by Riz Herbosa DG

40 hours a week, Fidel puts on a name tag that says Assistant Operations Manager. He manages tour guides who love talking about nature & history all day. They happen to play a ton of music really well too. This second home is a place called Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. But for his true home, he is a husband to a lovely and inspiring wife who pushes him to bring the dream one inch closer one day at a time. He is a dad to four hilarious and adorable kids, all of whom are showing signs of digging the arts.

He was born Johann Fidelis De Guzman in hot and humid Quezon City, Philippines. There, through school and other venues, performing arts became an integral part of his youth. Being part of the school theater group, playing guitar and doing lead vocals for a band at 13 pretty much sums up his early teens. He did so much of this that he found himself working professionally in theater companies by his early 20’s.

All that was put on hold when a chance to live in Canada opened up. Being expecting parents, him and his then girlfriend took the bold move to say goodbye to the life they knew in hope for a better future for their daughter. Luckily, he found good people and a good place to still keep a tiny flame of performance passion alive at Capilano.

Today, he’s gained so much knowledge in hiring, putting together and coaching bands at Capilano, he almost feels like a mini, ultra-simplified version of a full on artist management company combined with some of the best producers. His favourite part of the job is coming to work and pretending to be a T-Bone Burnett, Bob Rock or Rick Rubin. Not bad for a guy who still feels like a 13 year old inside.

And that 13 year old is really the one who drives this podcast. Life did take a different turn for Fidel in that touring for theatre or music shows isn’t a daily reality anymore. Instead he chooses to live life day-to-day with his family and enjoy seeing them grow. But that doesn’t mean he needs to put his guitar down and forget about all the songs he rocked out to many summers ago. He knows he’s not alone and that we are out there, itching to play. That’s what this blog and podcast are all about. No more excuses. Time to go balls to the wall. Just go out and play.

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